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White Studio Media

Newport Beach, CA

(248) 431-1297


White Studio Media is a professional video editing service spearheaded by freelance editor Kevin Finkbeiner. We specialize in the post production processing of video, photographic and digital media utilizing today's cutting edge techniques. Those techniques combined with Kevin's creativity and exceptional story-telling ability combine to create for you the perfect video product. Whether a small business promo, an acting reel, a video blog or childhood retrospective, White Studio Media will provide you with exceptional services at an affordable price.


We have a son who is very involved in action sports. Reaching his goals means producing quality promotional videos. We have worked with various editors but were never happy with the results. This was the case until we met Kevin.

Kevin has a great attitude and was very receptive to what we wanted, but also had great ideas of his own. We were so impressed that we gave him the freedom to do what he felt was the best for the video. The results were better than we could ever have imagined. Not only did Kevin help my son achieve the positive exposure we were looking for, but he made my camera work look good, which is nothing short of miraculous.

If you are looking for a very capable, adaptable video editor with a great attitude and very good knowledge of the business, look no further. We certainly won't!

Mark Shipley, La Mesa, CA

"The results were better than we could ever have imagined"